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At Meridian Family Law, we believe in working to minimize conflict that frequently comes with family law cases. Our legal team has extensive experience helping individuals navigate family legal concerns with dignity, skill, communication, professionalism and compassion. When necessary, we litigate matters. We are proficient when appearing in court and adept at preparing compelling legal materials.

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How Can We Help?


We can help you understand your options and create a strategy focused on your future.


Reduced tension and effective communication are only two of the benefits of working with a mediator.


Collaborative divorces aim to settle disagreements through communication and without going to court.

Marital & Cohabitation Agreements

A defined agreement can set boundaries and ease concerns about moving in with your significant other.


The structure of a parenting plan can help children be successful and confident after divorce.


There are many ways to support your children after divorce; providing financial support is one.

Family Law Matters

We work hard to stay up to date on all laws affecting our LGBTQ+ clients so they can make confident, informed decisions.

StepParent & LGBTQ+ Adoptions

Our firm can help your family grow and meet your goals.

Our Commitment To You

Our approach to family law cases is to look first at our client’s needs with the goal of protecting our client’s future. Our focus and philosophy is to approach every case with our clients by weighing all options and considering the consequences. We don’t see a family legal matter as a contest to be “won.” Instead, we see the process as a means to help our clients prioritize what is most important to them and work toward their vision for a better future and, when possible, to cooperate with the other side to achieve a resolution.

Whether you have children together or not, leaving your relationship is challenging. We can help you take a confident step into the next stage of your life. Our family law attorneys understand that not every conversation or step of the legal process will be easy. You will go through a wide range of emotions during your legal action, but we are here to provide you support and guidance along the way. Whether you’re in Seattle, Bellevue, further out in King County, Snohomish County, or beyond; one of our goals is to assist you as you navigate your path forward in the process.

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Bring Resolutions To Your Family Law Issues

We know that you and your children may be seriously impacted by conflict created during your family law challenge. Conflict also increases legal fees and can make the legal proceedings last longer. At Meridian Family Law, we work hard to fashion strategies that reduce conflict, promote agreements and create sound resolutions, whether that is accomplished in mediation, through negotiation, or in court. We provide legal services across the spectrum of family law problems, including:

  • Parenting plans and child support
  • Divorce 
  • Prenuptial, postnuptial and co-habitation agreements
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Modification of existing family court orders
  • LGBTQ+ family law matters
  • Other family law issues

While we try to avoid litigation, we understand that some cases require it. In those situations, we are skilled and committed to resolving your case in a professional manner.

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At Meridian Family Law, we believe in working to minimize conflict that frequently comes with family law cases. Our legal team has extensive experience helping individuals navigate family legal matters with dignity, skill, communication, professionalism and compassion. While many cases can be resolved without extensive litigation, when necessary, we litigate.  Our attorneys are adept at representing clients in contested litigation from initial hearings through trial.