Protecting Your Property Interests

One of the hardest parts of divorce is the uncertainty about how your highest-value assets may be allocated. Many clients wonder how this will be handled, and if they will have enough to sustain them in the future. As part of our work, we engage in identifying, valuing and dividing those assets – but that process requires an astute understanding of these complex assets and the ability to readily navigate the legal intricacies.

At Meridian Family Law, we help clients in Washington understand their assets and then work to divide them in a way that makes sense for their unique situation. Our lawyers provide skilled legal guidance geared toward protecting your property interests and preserving your financial well-being. We also offer divorce mediation services and representation in Collaborative divorce, providing creative solutions for resolving disputes outside of court.

Examples Of Complex Assets

Our firm routinely works with clients who own high-value assets such as:
  • Real estate like a family residence or rental properties
  • Undeveloped Land – that will be developed or passed through generations
  • Vacation properties
  • Investment properties
  • 401(k)s, IRAs, 403(b)s, pensions and retirement accounts
  • Stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Performance Stock Awards, bonuses and other compensation vehicles
  • Brokerage and investment accounts
  • College savings accounts
  • Trusts
  • Business interests of all kinds
A major part of the process involves accurately valuing those assets and determining whether they are community or separate. We sometimes involve experts to assist us who are able to specifically trained – they can efficiently and accurately assess values and help strategize. We also advise clients on the application and interpretation of prenuptial agreements addressing property division.

Navigating Spousal In High-Income Families

Spousal maintenance – also known as alimony – is often a consideration in high-asset divorces. In some families, one spouse is the “breadwinner” while the other stays at home to raise the children. Our attorneys can provide guidance on those factors as they apply to your situation. When possible, we strive to help clients reach mutually beneficial resolutions that meet the needs of everyone involved, especially the children.

Learn How Our Lawyers Can Help You Address A High-Asset Divorce

We would welcome the opportunity to provide supportive, knowledgeable guidance for you during this critical juncture. To speak with a trusted member of our team about your divorce concerns, please contact us at 206-569-5346 or send an email to arrange a confidential consultation.