Navigating The Joyful Milestone Of Adoption

Adoption of your significant other’s child is one of the most joyful steps you can take. As a stepparent or parent figure, you likely already have a meaningful role in the child’s life. Taking the legal step of formal adoption solidifies the role in a legal sense and establishes important rights and responsibilities. Children benefit from these formalities too when they are able to have this relationship legally recognized, as well as receiving support and inheritance rights from an adopting parent.

At Meridian Family Law, we love helping clients through the adoption process. We work through each step to ensure an accurate and positive adoption experience. On the finalization day, we share in your happiness when the formal adoption confirms your relationship as parent. Our lawyers have experience with Washington family law to provide knowledgeable guidance each step of the way.

Stepparent Adoptions

Adopting a stepchild is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give them (and yourself). We strive to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Generally speaking, there are two types of stepparent adoptions:

  • Uncontested adoptions: This occurs when there is only one current legal parent, or the other legal parent agrees to voluntarily terminate their parental rights. These proceedings are usually simpler and faster.
  • Contested adoptions: This involves seeking an involuntary termination of the parental rights of a parent who is unfit to continue as the parent. These proceedings must meet a very high legal standard and are often lengthy and difficult.

Our lawyers focus on uncontested adoptions, and we can refer you to other attorneys if you require a contested adoption.

LGBTQ+ Adoptions

We are strong allies for the LGBTQ+ community and routinely handle adoptions for non-biological parents. You can turn to us for guidance on not only adoption but also surrogacy and other questions involving reproductive rights and parenting.

Learn More About How We Can Help With Your Adoption

We would welcome the opportunity to help you with this exciting next step and celebrate its conclusion. To talk to our attorneys about your stepparent or LGBTQ+ adoption matter or other reproductive issues, send us an email or call our office in downtown Seattle at 206-569-5346.